Wedding of Duchess Sophie of Württemberg and Count Maximilien d’Andigné

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Duchess Sophie von Württemberg, the eldest daughter of Duke Philipp von Württemberg and Duchess Marie Caroline of Bavaria and granddaughter of the Duke of Württemberg and Prince Max, Duke of Bavaria, married Count Maximilien d’Andigné, son of Count Herve d’Andigné and Marie Adelaide de la Barre de Nanteuil, in a religious ceremony at Schloss Tegernsee, one of the residences of her maternal grandparents, in Bavaria on October 20th. The couple got married in a Civil Ceremony at Schloss Altshausen, the home of her paternal grandparents, in September.

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Royal and Noble guests and attendees included the bride’s paternal grandparents, the Duke and Duchess of Württemberg, maternal grandparents, Prince Max, Duke of Bavaria and Princess Elisabeth, Duke of Bavaria, aunt, Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein, aunt, Duchess Anna in Bavaria, and, Duchess Elizabeth of Bavaria, aunt and uncle, Duchess Fleur of Wurttemberg and Count Moritz von Goess, great-aunt, Rosita Duchess of Marlborough, Princess Clotilde of Orleans, Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Prince Manuel and Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Princess Mathilde of Waldburg-Zeil, and Heinrich Count of Spreti among a host of German Royals and Nobles.

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Duchess Sophie wore a white gown which reportedly belongs to her grandmother, Diana, the Duchess of Württemberg (née Orleans), along with a lace veil and the Württemberg ‘Small’ Diamond Tiara, which is the traditional wedding Tiara for most Württemberg brides. Count Maximilien wore Morning Dress.

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For the ball following the wedding of her niece, duchess Sophie of Wurtemberg to Comte Maximilian d'Andigne, the princess of Waldbourg Zeil, née duchess Mathilde of wurtemberg, wore for the first time the original "Cambridge pearl and diamond tiara". That tiara was bought by her father in law at Christie's in the 1990s. There are at least 4 versions of that tiara. This one was created in Germany for princess Augusta of Hesse Cassel (1797-1889) who married the duke of Cambridge in 1818. She left it to her eldest daughter, Augusta, who became grand duchess of Mecklembourg Strelitz. She, i. Turn, left it to her grand daughter, Jutta, who became crown princess of Montenegro. Princess Jutra died in 1946, :5 years later, her tiara was sold at Christie,s. Another of the duchess of Cambridge grand daughter, queen Mary of England, had the same tiara created for her. It has remained in the British royal family and was worn by the queen, princess Diana, and the current duchess of Cambridge. A third version belongs need the prince Youssoupov. If is now lost, unless it is the fourth version of that tiara worn in the 1920s by the maharani of Patiala. The 5tb version of that tiara is kept in the schatzkammer of the Residenz in Munich. The last princess to wear was crown princess Ruprecht of Bavaria, born princess of Luxembourg. More in Point De Vue this week and in Point De Vue IDM spécial jeewelry on the 16tb of November. #pointdevue #jewelry #tiara #wurtemberg

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At the Wedding Ball, Duchess Marie Caroline wore the Württemberg Ruby Tiara, while the Princess of Waldbourg Zeil wore the original Cambridge Lover’s Knot TiaraAlso present were Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Bavaria (in the Douglas Floral Tiara), Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein (in the Hapsburg Fringe Tiara), Duchess Marie of Württemberg (wearing the Diamond Necklace Tiara), Duchess Elizabeth of Bavaria (in the Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara), and Landgravine Flora of Hesse (wearing the Hesse Ears of Wheat Tiara).


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