Bavarian Royal Tiaras

Duchess Sophie von Württemberg, the eldest daughter of Duke Philipp von Württemberg and Duchess Marie Caroline of Bavaria will marry Maximilien d’Andigné in a religious ceremony at Schloss Tegernsee in Bavaria later today, and while she has worn a pearl and emerald choker that was a wedding gift from her grandparents at the civil wedding in Altshausen, she will have the the pick of the magnificent collections of two of the most prominent German Royal Families, and thus today, we will be taking a look at the Bavarian Royal Tiaras, after featuring the Württemberg Royal Tiaras yesterday.

Diamond and Pearl Tiara

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A historic Tiara, derived from Queen Caroline’s Eglantine Tiara from 1832, belonging to the Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds, which was sold at auction 1931 but the bottom portion acquired back by 1957, it was worn by Princess Gabriele of Bavaria ahead of her Wedding to the Prince of Waldburg-Zeil, and is now worn by Princess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria (née Countess Elisabeth Douglas), who has worn the piece for the grandest events including the Pre-Wedding Ball os her eldest daughter, Duchess Sophie, and Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein in 1993 and the Wedding Ball of Duchess Sophie’s parents in 1991.

Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara

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Originating from Queen Marie Therese of Bavaria, the Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara was worn by Princess Elisabeth at the 50th Birthday of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein at her Pre-Wedding Ball in 1993, and by Duchess Marie Caroline.

Douglas Floral Tiara

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A Douglas Heirloom worn by Princess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria (née Countess Elisabeth Douglas) at her wedding, and by all of daughters, including Duchess Sophie at her 1993 wedding to Hereditary Prince Alois, as well as her sister, Rosita, Duchess of Marlborough. Most recently worn at King Carl Gustaf’s 70th Birthday Ball, the Tiara is the most prominent choice for Duchess Sophie at her Wedding.

Diamond Rosette Tiara

The Wittelsbach Family also own this Diamond Rosette Tiara, which was worn by Duchess Sophie’s mother, Duchess Marie Caroline of Bavaria at her wedding Ball in 1991, and has also been worn by her sister, Duchess Elisabeth.

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