Ugandan Independence Celebrations, 1962

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Similar to his sister, Princess Alexandra, in Nigeria in 1960, the Duke and Duchess of Kent represented the Queen as they granted Independence to the State of Uganda on this day in 1962. They arrived in Entebbe, where they were welcomed by Prime Minister A Milton Obote and His Highness The Kabaka of Buganda, who later gave a cocktail party at his Palace, after a Reception at Government House.

In the evening, the Duke (wearing the Royal Victorian Order) and Duchess (in Queen Mary’s Crochet Bandeau) attended the large Independence Tattoo in Kololo Stadium in Kampala, where at midnight, the Union Jack was lowered and the Ugandan flag was raised.

The following morning, the Duke (in the Royal Victorian Order) and Duchess of Kent (wearing the Kent Festoon Tiara) attended the swearing-in of the Prime Minster and Governor General, where the Duke gave a speech, that included a ‘message of goodwill and congratulations’ from the Queen.

The next day, the Duke and Duchess (wearing the Kent Festoon Tiara) attended the State Opening of Parliament at Parliament House, the first, after 41 years, of an Independent State of Uganda. Afterwards, they drove through streets lined with crowds.


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