Wedding of Princess Helene of Yugoslavia

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Princess Helene of Yugoslavia, only daughter of the late Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Maira Pia of Bourbon Parma née Savoy, married Stanislas Fougeron in a Religious Ceremony at the Saint Etienne de Janville church in Janville, France on September 15th. The couple got married in a Civil Ceremony in Paris in March. The subsequent Reception took place at the Chateau de Villeprevost, home of the groom. This is a second marriage for Princess Helene, who has three children from her previous marriage to Thierry Haubert.

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Royal attendees included the bride’s mother, Princess Maria Pia, brother, Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, brother and sister-in-law, Prince Serge and Princess Eleanor, cousin, the Prince of Venice and Piedmont, Princess Lea of Belgium, Princess Tania of Bourbon Parme, Princess Sophie of Wurtemberg, Princess Beatrice Bourbon of the Two Siciles, Prince Nicholas Dadeshkeliani, Prince Pierre d’Arenberg, Prince Michel of Orleans, Prince and Princess Robin Wittegenstein, Prince Charles Emmanuel de Bourbon Parme, Princess Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerr, Princess Chantal of Bourbon-Parma,


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