Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in the Faroe Islands- Day 3

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, accompanied by Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine, are on a four day visit to the Faroe Islands, one of the autonomous countries within the Kingdom of Denmark. The family is residing on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. Click HERE to take a look at Day 1, and HERE for Day 2.

On the morning of August 25th, the Crown Princely Family attended an Official reception at the Runavík Municipality in Bakkafrost, before visiting, Bakkafrost, the Faroe Islands largest salmon farming company, and the sports hall Bylgjan. Later, the family visited the Faroese village of Hvalvík and sailed under the “Bridge of the Stream”, which links the two largest islands together. Following, the family visited the villages of Haldórsvik and  Tjørnuvík, and the the Stakkurin cliff before hosting a Reception on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog. In the evening, the Crown Prince and Prince Christian watched the Faroese cup final and presented the prizes.


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