Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The Queen hosted the second annual Garden Party of 2018 at Buckingham Palace on May 31st. There are four annual Garden Parties hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyrood House for around 30,000 guests yearly, as well as a few special others. Click HERE for the first.

The Queen was joined by the Duke of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, and Princess Alexandra as she hosted the second Garden Party in the spectacular gardens Buckingham Palace. They stood for the national anthem before meeting some of the 8,000 guests while making their way towards the Royal Tea Tent, where they met further guests.


2 thoughts on “Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

  1. Gosh, it must be wonderful to attend one of these garden parties! And the thing is, you can’t buy your way in! You have to have been outstanding in some kind of charity or social endeavor in order to be invited, which is why I think they are excellent.

    The Queen was beautiful in her cheerful blue dress and shades. Her partners looked great too! The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, and Princess Alexandra are old hands at this, but it’s very nice to see the new generation pitching in, like the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Beatrice. I’ve often wondered how come the two princesses are not given more responsibility in “The Firm”. They look like nice young women who would be glad to do their bit if given a chance!

  2. Beatrice and Eugenie are not senior royals so they don’t have to do the job. As such they don’t get “paid” either. That’s partly why they have regular jobs. I believe they get money from Andrew’s allotment.

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