Crown Prince Frederik’s Portrait Unveiling at Frederiksborg Castle

Queen Margrethe and the Danish Crown Princely Family unveiled a new portrait of Crown Prince Frederik, ahead of his 50th Birthday, at the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle, which was followed by the exhibition “HKH Crown Prince Frederik – Prince to Denmark”, which  tells about the Crown Prince with a downturn in events and themes that are central to his life, and provides a wide range of thematic insights into the Crown Prince’s life through five decades.

The new portrait was commissioned by the National History Museum at Frederiksborg Castle and was painted by Australian-born visual artist Ralph Heimans, and shows in the background Havesalen at Fredensborg Castle. Shortly after the new portrait of HKH Crown Prince had been revealed, it was moved to the exhibition “Ralph Heimans Portraits” at Frederiksborg Castle. It is next to Ralph Heiman’s portrait of Crown Princess Mary from 2006.


One thought on “Crown Prince Frederik’s Portrait Unveiling at Frederiksborg Castle

  1. Well, that is certainly an unusual portrait. He’s walking towards his family that appear behind him reflected in the mirror. This one at least is not ghoulish. I remember one that the Queen had with her entire family that looked like a portrait of the Addams Family! And it looks like Princess Josephine is not too pleased with her mother’s portrait. She’s looking positively sad and disappointed! But I don’t think the painting is that bad. In fact, I think it’s actually pretty good! I’ll have to research a bigger, more direct picture to make sure. Two more days to the gala birthday bash!

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