Royal Run

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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his family initiated the Royal Run on May 21st, in the five major cities of Denmark. The Crown Prince ran One Mile in Aalborg, Aarhus, Esbjerg, and Odense and 10 km in Copenhagen / Frederiksberg. Meanwhile, Crown Princess was joined by Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine as they ran in Odense. The Royal Run is one of a series of events to mark Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th Birthday on the 26th, he said about the run:

When I next year turns 50, I among others celebrate the day with a race where all of Denmark can participate. I have always loved sports and physical activity, and not least the years . It gives pleasure, well-being and energy. Royal run must be a race that caters to the experienced runners, but equally to those who binds running shoes for the first time, and everyone is welcome regardless of age. I hope that a great many will attend the Royal run to next year when we will run together through five of Denmark’s beautiful cities. “



One thought on “Royal Run

  1. The Crown Prince looks really good at 50! He’s in great shape, keeping himself trim and healthy, which is a great example for his kids. I can’t wait for the gala dinner. I hope there will be tiaras to admire! 🙂

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