Jordanian State Visit to Denmark, 1998

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Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark host King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan on their State Visit to Denmark on this day in 1998. The programme included a Welcome Ceremony (for which Queen Margrethe wore the Connaught Sapphire Brooch), a State Banquet at Fredensborg Palace hosted by Queen Margrethe (with her in the Floral Aigrette Tiara and Queen Noor wearing her Sunray Tiara), and a Return Banquet hosted by the Jordanian Sovereigns (with Queen Margrethe in the Golden Poppies).


2 thoughts on “Jordanian State Visit to Denmark, 1998

  1. I find these photos rather poignant, now that both Queens are widows. It’s always interesting to see The Golden Poppies being worn. They make me want to giggle, which is sad, considering the exquisite workmanship. Somehow they just don’t look serious to me.

    1. What an interesting way to see these pictures! I agree with you on the golden poppies, I think it also has to do with Queen Margrethe’s whimsical personality! I think they would look different on another wearer!

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