Crown Princess Mary’s Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Prince Henrik of Denmark, Queen Margrethe’s consort for 46 years, passed away last week, and to honour his memory, we have been taking a look at some of his glittering gifts to his family over the years. Click HERE to learn about Queen Margrethe’s Engagement Ring, HERE for Crown Princess Mary’s Diamond Flower Brooch, HERE for Queen Margrethe’s Gold, Ruby, and Pearl Parure, and HERE for Queen Margrethe’s Modern Turquoises. Today’s feature is Crown Princess Mary’s Tahitian Pearl Necklace-

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The two strand pearl necklace, featuring one strand of cream coloured pearls and one strand of dark Tahitian pearls joined by a blue stone clasp, was an engagement gift from Prince Henrik to Mary Donaldson in 2003.

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The soon to be Crown Princess Mary wore the necklace for the Engagement Dinner at Fredesbourg Palace held that evening. Unlike the diamond brooch given as a wedding gift, the pearl necklace seems not to have been a great favourite, and there have been few appearances since that dinner.

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Last week, Crown Princess Mary wore the necklace, along with her diamond brooch, for Prince Henrik’s Funeral in the Chapel at Christiansborg Palace. I hope to see it frequently in the future, and feel it’s cool dark tones would go well with the Midnight Tiara.

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3 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary’s Tahitian Pearl Necklace

  1. I agree. This is a lovely necklace that deserves to be taken out for a spin more often. And I wouldn’t mind seeing the Midnight Tiara come out to play either.

  2. This is one of my favourite royal pearl necklaces. It’s unfortunate she doesn’t wear it more often. She has already worn the one shoulder teal engagement dress (pictured above) with the Midnight Tiara before. The next time she should wear this necklace with that tiara as it would make a lovely set.

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