Queen Alia of Jordan

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Queen Alia of Jordan died on this day in 1977. The daughter of Hanan Hashim and Sayyid Baha Uddin Toukan, the Jordanian Ambassador to the UK, Italy, Turkey and Egypt, she was born in Egypt and grew up in Egypt, Turkey, London, the United States, and Rome. Educated in Rome, Chicago, and New York, she moved to Jordan in 1971, and worked for Royal Jordanian Airlines (whose main base is now known as the Queen Alia International Airport). In 1972, she married King Hussein of Jordan as his third wife. The couple had two children, including Princess Haya, consort of the Sheikh of Dubai, and adopted a Palestinian girl. Queen Alia established the Office of the Queen of Jordan, and promoted a number of social projects, including education, women’s rights, arts, and literature. Unfortunately, she died in a tragic helicopter accident in Amman, aged just 28.

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  1. I think Princess Haya is the spitting image of her very lovely mother Queen Alia. The Queen had such kind eyes, she’s truly a pleasure to look at! How sad that she died so young. 🙁

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