Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Coventry

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the city Coventry in the West Midlands for a day of engagements, including visits to Coventry Cathedral, Coventry University, and a Foundation, on January 16th.  

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began the day at Coventry Cathedral, where they met members of the local community before proceeding into the new cathedral, completed in 1962 and consecrated that year in the presence of The Queen. The Duke and Duchess heard about the history of the Cathedral before taking part in the Coventry Litany of Reconciliation. They also met members of the choir before having a cup of tea with staff and volunteers at the Rising Café, a social enterprise aimed at providing work and opportunity for those overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

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Next, the Duke and Duchess traveled to Coventry University where they opened the new Science and Health Building. They met students before following the journey of a fictional patient through the various areas of specialty taught at the faculty, from the Paramedic Ambulance Simulator and operating theatre to the rehabilitation area and adapted living ‘houses’ and formally opening the new building before departing.

Finally, the Duke and Duchess saw the work of the Positive Youth Foundation in the city. The Foundation works with young people who find themselves living in challenging circumstance and formed an integral part of Coventry’s successful UK City of Culture 2021 bid. The Duke and Duchess toured the Centre, meeting staff members, volunteers and service users, and watching demonstrations of music, boxing and workshops.

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The Duke wore a navy suit with a purple tie. The Duchess of Cambridge repeated a hot pink Mulberry coat with her Kiki McDonough Morganite earrings.

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  1. Wow! Talk about color coordination! The Duchess was really sporting her hosts wearing a coat almost the same color as the choir’s robes. Very cool! I always get the impression when I see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that they are a team working together, much the same way I feel when I see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. It is so very nice to see that they truly get along!

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