Luxembourg State Visit to Japan

Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg are on a three-day State Visit to Japan, from November 27th-29th, to strengthen diplomatic, political, and economic ties, and to mark the 90th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. Grand Duchess Maria Theresa pulled out of the visit due to her fear of flying, replaced by Princess Alexandra on her first State Visit.

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On November 27th, Grand Duke Henri and Princess Alexandra were officially welcomed by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The Grand Duke reviewed the guard, before the group had an audience with members of the Japanese Imperial Family, including Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako.
Afterwards, Grand Duke Henri delivered the opening remarks at the Japan-Luxembourg Business Forum, and then was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa at Sophia University, which was followed by a meeting with students, professors and staff of the University.
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In the evening, Emperor Akihito hosted a State Banquet at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, held in honour of the Grand Duke and Princess Alexandra. Both Grand Duke Henri and Emperor Akihito gave speeches. Members of the Imperial Family, as well as people with links to Luxembourg and Japan were also present.
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For the day events, Grand Duke Henri wore a dark suit with a blue tie. Princess Alexandra wore a pale pink suit and hat with pearls, later changing into a black top and grey skirt. Emperor Akihito wore a dark double-breasted suit and a blue tie. Empress Michiko wore a salmon pink caped suit with her trademark hat, pearls and a modern brooch.
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For the Banquet, Grand Duke Henri wore White Tie with the collar and sash of the Order of the Chrysanthemum. Princess Alexandra wore a red gown with a black jacket, the Chaumet Pearl and Diamond Choker Tiara, pearl and diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, and the badge of the Order of the Precious Crown (h/t to Avery). Emperor Akihito wore White Tie with the sash and star of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau. Empress Michiko wore a black and white gown with a pearl necklace.

Also at the Banquet, Crown Princess Masako wore a cream gown with the Pearl Sunburst Tiara and Parure and the Order of the Oak Crown (which was also worn by the Crown Prince). Princess Kiko wore a blue gown and her Wedding Tiara with its coordinating necklace and brooch and the Order of Adolphe of Nassau (also given to Prince Akishino). Princess Mako wore her Personal Tiara while Princess Takamado wore her Wedding Tiara. The other Japanese Princess wore their personal Tiaras.

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  1. Princess Alexandra is wearing the medal/badge of the Order of the Precious Crown (2nd class). It’s ribbon is yellow and red. The ribbon is yellow and blue for the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan tweeted orders. GD Maria Teresa received the Order of the Precious Crown (1st class). Luxembourg’s government and RTL galleries have updated.
    Some banquet photos at Asahi:

    1. Thank you so much! I just guessed the Orders (it was around the time Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement news broke) but really appreciate your comment!

      1. You’re welcome! Luxembourg’s RTL site added more photos of the banquet. There are tiara photos of Kiko, Nobuko, Hisako, Akiko, and Mako. Princess Kako did not attend; she’s studying in the UK until next June.

      2. Thank you for pointing those out, I’ll change it! I had Princess Kako in my pre-written article, so I just wrote that without seeing her in any pictures!

  2. I think Princess Alexandra is such a lovely young lady! That is one future wedding I’m looking froward to! Not only is she very pretty, but she is also a very cultured lady with a degree in philosophy and ethics. I believe she’s now pursuing a graduate degree in conflict resolution! Her choice of tiara was a bit surprising to me though. I thought she might bring the Grand Duchess Adelaide tiara or the Vine Leaves tiara, but the Chaumet Pearl and Diamond tiara, even if it would not have been my first choice, is quite nice and very substantial.

    I’m always glad to see Crown Princess Masako, who seems to have overcome her health issues. The Emperor and Empress make such a cute couple, and I’m willing to bet they can wait for April and retirement!

    1. I love Princess Alexandra, and though I wouldn’t have chosen the Chaumet Pearl and Diamond tiara, it quite suits her! The gown is a different story, which I dislike it with a passion. Apparently it is borrowed from the Grand Duchess. I would have liked her to borrow her mother’s pale blue/green/gray Elie Saab, couture gowns! They would have been perfect!

      1. Oh, my, yes! The blue/green/gray Elie Saab that the Grand Duchess wore at the wedding dinner for her son? That one is outstanding! But, at least the dress she wore is in a color that suits P. Alexandra prodigiously. Very few people can carry off that bright fuscia and she is one of them. But it is a rather dowdy dress, I’m afraid.

      2. I like the bold red/pink color but the bolero didn’t compliment the gown. Seemed like the goal was to cover the shoulders. Just pick another dress; I also wish Alexandra borrowed one of MT or Stephanie’s Elie Saab gown.

      3. I agree! My choices would be between MT & Stephanie’s Elie Saab pre-wedding ball gowns and the pale blue Elie Saab (worn at Buckingham Palace) and the Gray Elie Saab (worn in Finland last year!

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