Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th Anniversary Dinner

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While no public events were scheduled for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th Anniversary, the couple hosted a Dinner at Windsor Castle for friends and family (including some Foreign Royals) on the evening of November 20th. HERE is part of the guest list. Since the event was private, and no pictures were released (yet), the only pictures we got were of some of the guests arriving and departing, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (wearing Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl Earrings with the Queen’s Four-Row Japanese Choker) and Prince Harry.

Note- This page will be updated if and when additional pictures are available. Royal Watchers are hoping for a full family portrait (similar to the Diamond Anniversary 10 years ago) so be sure to come back!

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  1. What a lovely picture of the Duchess! The Queen’s four-row pearl choker looks wonderful on her. She looks stunning!

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