Queen Mother in Toronto

Canada is celebrating their 150th Anniversary of Confederation on July 1st. The British Royal Family is also the Royal Family of Canada, and the country holds a special significance as the place most visited by the Queen. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be in attendance at a few events celebrating the event. In the run up to July 1st, we will be covering previous Royal Tours of Canada. For the first in this series, take a look at the Queen Mother visit to Toronto for the 50th anniversary of the Toronto Scottish Regiment on this day in 1965-

Embed from Getty Images

The Queen Mother met with Toronto Mayor Philip Gineus, and received flowers from 4-year-old Cynthia Hourigan in her parents’ garden in Hamilton. The Queen Mother also viewed Northern Dancer; the 1964 Queen’s Plate and Kentucky Derby winner; who had retired to E. P. Taylor’s National Stud Farm north of Oshawa.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

In the evening, the Queen Mother attended a Banquet the Royal York hotel given for the Toronto Scottish Regiment by the Empire Club of Canada. She was the regiment’s colonel-in-chief.

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For the Banquet, the Queen Mother wore a Norman Hartnell gown with the Greville Tiara, Queen Alexandra’s Wedding Necklace, and the Greville Diamond Pear-drop Earrings.

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