Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh hosted the second annual Garden Party of 2017 at Buckingham Palace on May 23rd. There are four annual Garden Parties hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyrood House for around 30,000 guests yearly, as well as a few special others. Click HERE to take a look at the first Garden Party, held exactly a week ago.

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The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were joined by the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, and Princess Eugenie at the Garden Party in the spectacular gardens of Buckingham Palace. They stood for the national anthem and moment of silence for the Manchester bombing last night, before meeting some of the 8,000 guests while making their way towards the Royal Tea Tent, where they met further guests.

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The Queen wore a floral dress with a bright yellow coat and hat, pairing her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace with the Frosted Sunflower Brooch. The Duke of Edinburgh wore morning dress with a black top hat and a (dapper) rose in his button hole.

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The Prince of Wales wore Morning Dress with a top hat. The Duchess of Cornwall wore a pale blue coat and hat with her Pearl Choker with Small Diamond Clasp. Princess Eugenie wore a blue dress with a colourful belt and an orange hat.

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4 thoughts on “Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

  1. Hello
    We attended 23rd Garden Party and were honoured to be introduced to the Queen but have no photos of this. I was wearing a Royal Blue Hat, Jacket, Shoes, Bag over pale pink dress. Husband was in morning suit with red/white/blue tie. We would love a photo of this amazing moment but can’t find any online Please can you help
    Thank you Toni Rowe

    1. Congratulations at going to the garden party and getting a chance to meet the Queen. I’m afraid there were only a few photos taken of the Queen chatting individually to guests, but if you click the links below (and scroll down a bit), you will find some pictures from above, that show the queen talking to people that match the descriptions you have provided. Hope that helps! If all that fails, I think you would be able to contact the Palace. Their press photographer likely took photos, and they will probably email or mail them to you.

  2. Thank you for kindly replying
    No luck I’m afraid but will try to find a contact for the Palace Press
    At least we have very special memories in our hearts
    Thank you again
    Toni Rowe

    1. Glad to help, but I’m sorry I couldn’t help you! I hope you find some pictures! The only pictures I got when I had the chance to meet the Duchess of Cambridge were a few blurry pictures my sister took from behind and a blurry screenshot from the live feed, though I was so happy to meet and shake hands with her that I didn’t even try to find more pictures.

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