Queen presents Guidon to Royal Lancers

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the Duke of York, presented a Guidon to The Royal Lancers at Windsor Castle on April 5th. A Guidon is a heraldic banner carried by cavalry regiments, the equivalent of the Colours borne by regiments of line infantry.

The Queen was accompanied by the Duke of York for the ceremony at St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle, where she ‘touched’ the new Guidon, thereby presenting it to the Regiment and gave a speech. She also granted the Royal lancers the honorific suffix “Queen Elizabeths’ Own”. The Queen and Duke met former Colonels of the Regiment, before taking part in an official photograph. Afterwards, they met members of the regimental family in the Grand Reception Room at Windsor.

The Queen wore a pink skirt suit with her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace with the Royal Lancers Badge. The Duke of York wore Uniform with his medals and the Order of the Garter.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.53.40 AM

For more information, check out:

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