Belgian State Visit to Denmark- Day 2

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium are on a 3-day State Visit to Denmark, from March 28th to 30th, where they are hosted by the Queen Margrethe of Denmark. On Day 2, King Philippe had a series of engagements with Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, while Queen Mathilde was joined by Crown Princess Mary. In the evening, the Belgian King and Queen hosted a return dinner for their Danish hosts.

In the morning of Day 2, King Philippe of Belgium and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark visited the Copenhagen City Hall. They also attended the Belgian-Danish Business Forum at the Confederation of Danish Industry, and visited the State of Green. The King and Crown Prince also attended a High-Level Lunch, where they discussed sustainable development, renewable energy, smart cities, digitalisation and transportation by sea. In the afternoon, they saw new technology at BaneDanmark, Trafiktårn Øst, and also went for a run in Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visited Amager Common School. They also visited the UN city, and attended a working lunch hosted by the Crown Princess at Frederik VIII’s Palace.

In the afternoon, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at the Cinemateket, where they attended “Experience Belgium,” a cultural event with focus on film, tourism and beer.

In the evening, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde hosted a concert and return dinner at The Black Diamond, the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen in honour of the Danish Royal Family.

For the day events, King Philippe wore a black suit with a rust tie. Queen Mathilde wore a powder pink Esmeralda Ammoun ensemble with a Fabienne Delvigne hat and her topaz earrings. Crown Prince Frederik wore a navy suit with a grey tie. Crown Princess Mary repeated an aubergine jacket and skirt with a grey hat.

For the return dinner, King Philippe wore Black Tie. Queen Mathilde wore a red Natan evening gown with her diamond tassel earrings and Queen Fabiola’s ruby bracelet. Crown Prince Frederik wore Black Tie. Crown Princess Mary wore a teal Jesper Hovring gown with her amethyst earrings.

For the return dinner, Queen Margrethe wore a navy lace gown with Queen Alexandrine’s Sapphires. Prince Joachim wore Black Tie. Princess Marie repeated a glittering black gown. Princess Elisabeth wore a dark gown with a pearl necklace and pendent.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.15.33 PM.png

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