British State Visit to the US, 1983

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It has been announced that American President Trump’s State Visit to the United Kingdom has been postponed to October this year. Here we flashback to the a State Banquet in San Francisco on this day in 1983, during the Queen’s State Visit to the US.  From L-R; the Duke of Edinburgh, First lady Nancy Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II (wearing the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara, the Duchess of Gloucester’s Pendant Earrings, and Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Necklace), and President Reagan. The Queen had hosted the President and First Lady at Windsor Castle the previous year.

2 thoughts on “British State Visit to the US, 1983

  1. Wouldn’t be awesome if The President bought his wife a tiara to wear at the state banquet! That’s something he would do!

    1. That does sound like something he would do, but i doubt that will happen, because Presidents wives usually don’t wear tiaras, because they are associated with royalty and nobility rather than elected heads of state! However, we can expect her to wear precious necklace and earrings!

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