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Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia of Sweden spoke about näthat (online hate) in first episode of the Swedish podcast “Jakten på Likes” for The Prince Couple’s foundation, with hosts Isa Galvan and Linnea Holst. It was aimed to help parents understand the social media platforms that their children use. The Prince and Princess also shared their personal experience with cyber abuse. On February 1st, the couple attended a reception to launch the podcast.

Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia shared their personal experiences with näthat (online hate) in first episode of the podcast “Jakten på Likes” (Hunt for Likes), with Princess Sofia saying  “Early on I suffered enormous cyber abuse, it was a bit like walking into a wall.” “It hit me very hard,” she said. “But the experience has helped me understand what young people are exposed to daily.” Prince Carl Phillip also told of his experience after an accident on Live TV “I got a huge amount of comments and some threats,” saying, “It can be hard to turn the volume down.” To listen to the Podcast (in Swedish), click HERE.

On February 1st, Prince Carl Phillip and Princess Sofia launched the podcast with hosts Isa Galvan and Linnea Holst. They spoke about how they have been victims of näthat and that the experience has been a driving force to help others. Prince Carl Phillip said: “I think most of us find it difficult to imagine life without the internet. There are so enormously positive! But as with everything, there are both bright and dark sides of the net. We ourselves have been exposed online. It has become a strong driving force to help others who are vulnerable. And that is precisely why we chose to work with this in our foundation.

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