Prince Liam of Nassau

Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg welcomed a baby boy in Geneva on November 28. Today, the Grand Ducal court released his name, HRH Prince Liam Henri Hartmut of Nassau, and six photos. Prince Liam is the fourth grandchild, and third grandson born to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg. His parents were seen at the National Day Gala in June.

Prince Liam is pictured with his parents, Prince Félix and Princess Claire, as well as with his older sister, Princess Amelia. Congratulations to Prince Félix and Princess Claire for your beautiful bundle of joy. According to Grand Ducal house law, Prince Liam is a Prince of Nassau, but not of Luxembourg. Only the children of the Grand Duke and the Hereditary Grand Duke are Prince or Princesses of Luxembourg.

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