Prince Harry in the Caribbean- Day 13: Guyana

Prince Harry spent Day 13 of his Royal Visit to the Caribbean in Guyana. He received an official welcome in the village of Surama, and visited a school, toured the Iwokrama International Centre, and visited Kaieteur Falls, the single largest free-fall waterfall in the world.

Prince Harry started Day 13 of his visit to the Caribbean on a flight to the Hinterland, where he saw the remote wilderness, and was presented with a headdress of macaw feathers in remote rainforest village of Surama at the official welcome. He met village elders, and also received a beautiful necklace by 8 year old Konankaie. He met children and teachers at Fair View Village School, where he gifted them books.

Later, he took another flight to the Iwokrama International Centre, where he met forest rangers, visited Fairview Village, and went Caiman spotting. Prince Harry took another flight to Kaieteur Falls, the single largest free-fall waterfall in the world, which he reached after a hike through the rainforest.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 3.42.28 PM.png

For more information, check out:

Kensington Palace


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