Queen at Goodenough College

The Queen visited Goodenough College in London on December 1st. She met students and families at the independent educational charity that provides a secure and supportive environment for local and international postgraduate students. 

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The Queen met students and families when she visited Goodenough College, in Mecklenburgh Square, central London. She reunited with David Paget, an Old Bailey judge, before a photograph taken of them 53 years at the College’s London House in 1963. The Queen also met children, including Aidan Conrad, Blanca, and Julia, part of the families groups who live and study in the College. She then attended a reception and met with guests including Irish contemporary designer Orla Kiely and unveiled a plaque to mark the approaching 60th anniversary of her opening William Goodenough House.

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The Queen wore a yellow wool crepe coat and a matching hat over a black dress with her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace and the Gold Trellis Brooch.

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