Albanian National Day 2016

For Albanian National Day 2016, the recently married Crown Prince Leka and Crown Princess Elia of Albania released a series of official portraits. Crown Prince Leka also released a statement marking the 104th year of Albanian Independence.


For the portraits, Crown Prince Leka wore White Tie & Tails with orders including the Order of Skanderbeg. Crown Princess Elia wore a mauve gown with the Sapphire Goat Tiara and diamond earrings.

Crown Prince Leka’s statement

Dear compatriots, sisters and brothers, Albanian wherever you are!
Royal Family wishes you wholeheartedly from Presevo in Cameri, our National Day, the most important event of the Albanian nation that unites us as a nation wherever they live.
The independence of the Fatherland and the efforts of countless fathers of the nation to achieve our flag flying of red and black blessed, is and will always be the guide, our inspiration towards a beautiful future for the entire Albanian people.
During these 104 years independence, our country has gone through sacrifice, wars internal and external, innumerable watered, but have managed to always look forward to statehood and peace. In this country they were born and continue to ari

se sensational heroes and heroes pabujshem, who with their unconditional love for the homeland, have helped the nation to move forward. Do not forget this special day we all martyrs sacrificed in the dark times in Albania and Kosovo, who gave their lives for Freedom.
And today we celebrate the Freedom!
In the name of this freedom won with blood and sacrifice, the Hungarian People’s urge to distance itself from extremist manifestations aimed at imposing ideologies at all in compliance with the religious harmony that characterizes us as a nation for centuries. This sincere religious harmony is a precious value that can be used as an example of pure tolerance of troubled countries.
Flag Day Kremtimi

mi Ben trusting us for the realization of a set of aspirations and commitments of our country to become a country with consolidated.
Congratulates the Royal Family for the achievements so far on judicial reform, as well as encourages beginning as soon as possible where Albania real process to clean itself from corruption in the courts, which violates the sovereignty and our freedom.
We as a society should not frighten us this catharsis, because it is vital to lems legacy generations to come a homeland to bear proudly in the heart, a Homeland host that respects their rights, a homeland that invites and not to exclude, a homeland from which will not flee, but will be happy to build their future at parents, grandparents and secular

 roots, a Homeland cheap!
We hope that the forthcoming elections not percajne our society, but rather to make us responsible and solidarity. Politics plays an important role in the progress of a country, but should not in any way allow that to polarize our lives, our families, our shared history, values and traditions of the Albanians.
The same thing will wish also to elections in Macedonia, where Albanian factor should be more united than ever to confront extremism specific segments that violate freedoms and rights of the Albanian population. Albanian voters should be careful to believe their sacred vote where they will be represented with full dignity. Silence to the denial of the rights of the Albanians, the silence on violence in the neighborhood of the mighty silence to bargaining at the expense of honest people, should take the end!
English Royal Family, in this special day, as well as common in every day of the year, remains committed to the rights of the population Chameria, which require solutions and support from all domestic and international factors!
We let this blessed day reign “peace and unity in the service of the Nation, with faith in God and the homeland. “

Albanian royal family

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