Olympic Reception at Buckingham Palace

The Queen hosted a reception for Olympic and Paralympic medalists at Buckingham Palace in the evening of October 18th. The Duke of Edinburgh, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, the Princess Royal, and Duke of York. The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent were also present.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were joined by members of the royal family for a reception honouring Olympic and Paralympic heroes at Buckingham Palace. British PM Theresa may was also present. Gold medalist Ellie Simmonds said:’It’s great to come to the Palace which is incredible and to be honoured by the Olympics and Paralympics – it’s amazing.‘ Team GB collected 67 medals in Rio, while the Paralympics GB team won 147 medals.

The Queen wore a royal blue dress, paring her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace, and the Jardine Star Brooch. The Duchess of Cambridge wore an Alexander McQueen dress with her Soru Jewelry baroque pearls earrings . The Princess Royal wore a trouser suit. The Duchess of Gloucester wore a navy suit.

The Duke of Cambridge wore a black suit with a blue tie. Prince Harry wore a dark suit with a navy tie. The Duke of Gloucester wore a black suit with a purple tie. The Duke of Kent wore a black suit with a pink tie.


For more information, check out:

Daily Mail


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