Royals in New York City

Members of many European royal families are visiting New York City currently, to attend the 71st session of the United Nations. Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine represent Sweden, while King Felipe and Queen Letizia are representing Spain and Crown Princess Mary came for Denmark. King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan are also attending.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden attended a session of the United Nations and also met a Nobel Prize winner. In the evening, she attended the World Childhood Foundation USA Thank You Gala. crown Princess Victoria started her visit to New York City by supporting Swedish fashion at the Capsule show. She also UN conference hosted by Sweden and Pakistan and a session of the United Nations.

King Felipe of Spain attended a session of the United Nations. Both the King and Queen Letizia met foreign leaders such as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the President of Columbia. The Queen also met the Director General of the FAO.

King Abdullah of Jordan met with King Felipe of Spain during a meeting. Queen Rania co-chaired a meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada and also met First lady Michelle Obama of the US at the Let girls Learn event.

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attended a United Nations conference with World and Youth leaders in New York City, where she represented the interests of Denmark.


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