Queen hosts a Private Birthday Party

HM the Queen hosted other members of the Royal Family and senior members of the Royal Household at a Private Party at Draper’s Hall, London. This was the last event to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, which started in April and continued in May and June. This was one of the Queen’s last appearances in London, before she goes to Balmoral for the rest of the summer.

The Queen wore a blue and gold floral dress with a ruff at the hem. She paired her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace with the new Diamond and Pearl Navette Brooch, which may have been a birthday gift from her family, and was debuted at a Garden Party in May. The Duke of Edinburgh wore a navy suit with a striped tie.

The Princess Royal wore an oriental-inspired blue dress with pearls and a gold brooch. Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence wore a navy suit with a striped tie. Princess Eugenie wore a white and blue floral dress.

The Earl of St. Andrews wore a navy suit with a floral tie. The Countess of St. Andrews wore a red and beige floral dress. Her sister-in-law, Lady Helen Taylor, wore an abstract dress. Lady Marina Windsor wore a purple dress. Lady Amelia Windsor wore a white and navy net dress with gold jewellery.

Lord Fredrick Windsor wore a navy suit with a striped tie. Lady Gabriella wore a mauve dress. Lady Elisabeth Anson, a cousin of the Queen, wore a beige top and white jacket over a floral skirt. Flora Ogilvy, granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, wore a yellow floral dress.

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