Crown Princess Victoria’s 39th Birthday

HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden turned 39 on July 14. There is an annual holiday, Victoriadagen, held in Sweden every year, to celebrate the birthday of their Crown Princess.Earlier in the day,  Crown Princess Victoria, along with her parents, husband, and children, greeted the public outside Solliden Palace. In the evening, the rest of the Royal Family joined them for a Birthday Concert in Öland.

On the afternoon of July 14th, the Crown Princess Family along with the King & Queen greeted the crowds outside the Solliden Palace, the summer residence of the Swedish Royal Family. This was the first Official appearance for Prince Oskar, who was born earlier this year. The Crown Princess received flowers and gifts from the members of the public.

In the evening, most of the members of the Swedish Royal Family attended a birthday concert featuring Swedish popstars in Öland. Crown princess Victoria’s brother, Prince Carl-Phillip, attended with his wife, Princess Sofia. Her sister, Princess Madeleine, attended with her husband, Chris O’Neil. Princess Estelle was the only one of the junior members to attend the concert.

To greet the well-wishers, Crown Princess Victoria wore a White Ralph Lauren Dress with her Gold Dulong Necklace. Prince Daniel wore a black double-brested blazer with khaki pants and a light blue tie. Princess Estelle wore a light blue dress first worn by the Crown Princess at Princess Madeleine’s Te Deum service in 1982. Prince Oscar wore a pale blue ‘onesie’.

King Carl Gustav wore a camel-coloured coat with dark pants and a white shirt. Queen Silvia wore a red skirt-suit with a three strand pearl necklace.

For the Concert, the Queen and Crown Princess wore the traditional costume of Öland. King Carl Gustav and  Prince Daniel wore navy suits with blue ties. Princess Estelle wore a white coat over a pale dress, with bright pink headphones, looking like the Swedish version of Prince George.

Princess Sofia wore a nude and black Self-Portrait dress with a black jacket. Prince Carl-Phillip wore a navy suit with a blue shirt and red tie. Princess Madeleine wore a white blouse with an Alice + Olivia skirt and Dior pearl earrings. Chris O’Neil wore a navy suit with a striped tie.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.35.30 AM

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