Queen appoints a new Prime Minister

HM The Queen appointed Theresa May as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on July 13th. This comes after the previous PM, David Cameron, resigned after Brexit. The Queen also opened the East Anglia Air Ambulance Base, where the Duke of Cambridge is an helicopter pilot.

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PM David Cameron resigned on the steps of 10 Downing St. in the presence of his family, before they made their way to Buckingham Palace to formally resign to the Queen. In the half-hour between the resignation and the appointment of the new PM, the Queen was absolute monarch of the United Kingdom. The Queen then officially asked Theresa May to form a government and become Prime Minister.

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Earlier in the day, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited the Duke of Cambridge at the East Anglia Air Ambulance Base. The Duke had returned from a mission just minutes before the arrival of his grandparents. The Queen officially opened the Base at Cambridge Airport. The couple was led by the Duke of Cambridge to inspect an Air Ambulance and met the Duke’s colleagues.

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For the morning engagement, the Queen wore a pale-pink coat and hat, pairing her customary Three Strand Pearl Necklace with the Pink Diamond Brooch. For the resignation and appointment, the Queen wore a light blue floral dress, with the Cambridge Emerald Brooch. The Duke of Edinburgh wore a navy suit with a red tie. The Duke of Cambridge wore his navy flying suit.

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