Wedding of Lady Charlotte Wellesley

Lady Charlotte Wellesley, daughter of the Duke of Wellington, married financier Alejandro Santo Domingo on May 28th in Granada, Spain. The wedding was held at the 16th-century Church of the Incarnation in Illora before reception at Duke’s estate in Granada. Guests included the Duchess of Cornwall and former King  Juan Carlos of Spain.

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The 39 year old groom, uncle of Tatiana Casiraghi the daughter-in-law of Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco, belongs to the billionaire Columbian Santo Domingo family. He wore grey morning dress with an olive tie. The 25 year old bride, wearing a large sweeping wedding gown by Emelia Wickstead, had difficulty getting out out of the car.  The Duke escorted his daughter up the aisle.

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The Duchess of Wellington, mother of the bride born Princess Antonia of Prussia, wore a pale pink dress with a Van Clef and Arpels Alhambra set. Among the guests were the Duchess of Corwnwall, who wore a cream tiered gown with her Four Strand Pearl Choker with Large Diamond Clasp. Singer James Blout attended with his wife Sophia, a cousin of the bride, who wore a floral dress. King Juan Carlos wore a black suit with a turquoise tie. Tatiana Casiraghi, niece of the groom, wore a black top, with a black and beige skirt.


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