Wedding of Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma and Pélagie de Mac Mahon

David Nivière | Histoires Royales

Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma, Prince Charles-Emmanuel and Princess Constance of Bourbon-Parma and grandson of Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma, married Pélagie de Mac Mahon, daughter of the late Duc de Magenta and the Hon. Amelia Drummond, at the Cathédrale Saint-Lazare d’Autun in Burgundy on July 8th, followed by a Reception and Ball at the Château de Sully, the seat of the Dukes of Magenta.

David Nivière | Histoires Royalez

Royal Guests and Relatives included Archduke Carl-Christian and Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria, Prince Jean of Luxembourg and Countess Diane de Nassau, The Duke and Duchess of Parma, The Duke and Duchess of Calabria, The Duke and Duchess of Noto, The Prince and Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe, Archduke Alexander of Austria, Prince Joachim and Princess Yasmine Murat, Prince Johan-Wenzel and Princess Felicitas of Liechtenstein, and Prince Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz.

Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma and Pélagie de Mac Mahon had gotten married in a Civil Ceremony at the Town Hall in Sully last month.

David Nivière | Histoires Royales

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