The Queen’s Treasury

Dronningens skatkammer: Smykker der taler | ‘The Queen’s Treasury: Jewelry that speaks’

The Danish Crown Jewels, King Frederik IX’s pipe collection and the 400-year-old Rosenborg wine are among the many objects that appear in the program series “Dronningens Skatkammer/The Queen’s Treasury”, which was broadcast on DR 1 on April 12th, with the second episode coming out on April 19th. The series follows the involvement of Queen Margrethe and the Crown Princess Mary in the exhibitions “A Queen’s Jewelry Box” and “Mary & the Crown Princesses“, which are currently on display at the Amalienborg Museum and Koldinghus, respectively.

Dronningens skatkammer: Dronning af Danmark | ‘The Queen’s Treasury: Queen of Denmark’

How do you choose jewelry for big events when you have the Kingdom’s most wonderful jewelry set at your disposal? And what has Graasten Slotshave and Queen Ingrid’s passion for flowers meant to Queen Margrethe? At Amalienborg, museum director Thomas Thulstrup, in collaboration with a floral artist, will create a sea of ​​flowers in the ceiling, which will symbolize the garden at Graasten Castle. And for the exhibition Mary and the Crown Princesses, the Crown Princess will take part in important film recordings, which will be shown at the exhibition.

Dronningens skatkammer: Kærlighedsgaver | The Queen’s Treasury: Gifts of Love

The many months of work bear fruit for the Royal Collection, as the exhibition “Mary and the Crown Princesses” opens at Koldinghus with visits from the Crown Prince Couple and the rest of the royal family. At Amalienborg, museum director Thomas Thulstrup’s idea of ​​making a large silk ribbon float weightlessly in the totally protected space must be brought to life. And from Rosenborg’s treasury, Thomas Thulstrup and the Queen take a closer look at one of the objects that are frequently used by the Royal House; the baptismal font in gold.

Dronningens skatkammer: Kvinde og monark | The Queen’s Treasury: Woman and Monarch

How do you wear breast stars and arrange when you are in a silk dress and taffeta skirt at the same time? In the Gallasalen, jewelery is displayed, which the Queen wears in her official role – and in this very role the Queen has had to find her own expression, because there have never been female monarchs in Denmark. This is the final sprint for the Royal Collection before the opening of the exhibition A Queen’s Jewelry Box. Many details must be in place, because everything must play a role when museum director Thomas Thulstrup has to show the exhibition in front of the royal family.

The Danish Royal TiarasQueen Margrethe’s Top Jewels | A Queen’s Jewellery Box 

“Even a tiny brooch can hold a story so big.” When the queen wears jewellery, nothing is random, and museum director Thomas Thulstrup will show this with the exhibition “A Queen’s Jewelry Box”. When does the queen wear plastic earrings? And when are crown jewels chosen? Through personal stories from the Queen, we get closer to the impressive jewelry collection the Queen has at her disposal. At Koldinghus, Crown Princess Mary comes to visit to follow the creation of the exhibition Mary and the Crown Princesses.

Unfortunately, the series is only in Danish and we have not yet been able to find English subtitles yet. 


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