Waverley Ball in London, 1871

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The Prince and Princess of Wales and Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne were among the members of the Royal Family and the British Aristocracy at the spectacular Waverley Ball at Willis’s Rooms, King St, St James’s, London on this day 1871, to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott and to raise funds for the completion of the Scott Memorial in Edinburgh. Queen Victoria did not attend the ball but in her journal entry of 9 July 1871, she describes how Princess “Louise [drew] for me the costumes she & Alix wore at the Ball”.

The Prince of Wales dressed as Lord of the Isles, including a kilt and sporran, the fur of a badger, a leather vest, a sword, and a hat with a large feather. The Princess of Wales was dressed as Mary, Queen of Scots wore a red sixteenth-century-style dress with white trim, along with her Dagmar Necklace. Other guests photographed include Lady Archibald Campbell, the Master of Herries, the Honourable Oliver Montagu, and Count Maffei.


The Waverly Ball

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