Secrets of Royal Travel

The British Royal Family is the most well-travelled in history, and the ‘Secrets of Royal Travel’ series tells the inside story of the monarchy on the move, taking us inside some of the most famous and yet secretive transport in the world. Pack your bags for a rare inside look at the monarchy’s luxurious private planes and trains. Climb on board the “palace on wheels” and take to the skies for the five-star opulence of the Queen’s Flight.

The Royal Train

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh leave Liverpool in 1961
The Queen and Duchess of Sussex arrive in Cheshire

The Royal Train Tour in 2020

The Queen’s Flight

Embed from Getty ImagesThe Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on the Queen’s Flight in 1969

Royal Visit to Canada in 1970
Embed from Getty ImagesThe Queen Mother leaving Rhodesia in 1957
The Prince and Princess of Wales leaving Japan in 1986The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Canada in 2016

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