Little Entente Banquet at the Royal Palace of Bucharest, 1936

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Queen Mother Marie (wearing Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrova’s Fringe Tiara and her Diamond Sautoir) and Crown Prince Michael joined King Carol II of Romania as he hosted a Banquet for Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia and President Edouard Benes of the Republic of Czechoslovakia at the Royal Palace of Bucharest on this day in 1936, during the meeting of the Little Entente in Bucharest. The Little Entente was an alliance between Romania, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia with the purpose of common defence against revanchism, supported by France to create another front in case of conflict. However, the rapid growth of German power caused its collapse in 1938, when Czechoslovakia was occupied and France acted against the interests of the Little Entente.


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  1. Absolutely loved this post as it is not very often we get a glimps of the royal events that were hosted in the Eastern European monarchies.

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