The Duke Of Edinburgh: In His Own Words

As the world reflects on the remarkable life of the Duke of Edinburgh, this programme remembers him in the place that mattered to him most – Windsor. Over the course of filming for a year at the castle for ‘Windsor Castle: A Royal Year’ in 2005, the filmmakers had the perfect guide – Prince Philip himself. What started as a personal tour turned into something much more revealing and unexpected – a journey through the life of a very modern man, a pioneer and innovator who was at the heart of the British Monarchy, and the Queen’s side, for over seventy years. In his role of Ranger, he shows us around the Windsor estate, and describes what it was like when he first arrived in 1952: how he transformed the castle inside and out; how he handled the old guard; his biggest bug-bear, the tree-huggers; his successes and (very messy) failures as an ecopioneer; how he turned Windsor into a home fit for a young and growing family; what is was like following in the footsteps of his predecessor and ancestor Prince Albert; he tells us about his love of polo and the real reason he built a polo club on the grounds, and how he wrote the rules for carriage-driving- the sport he never gave up. And he even touches on his own place in history, and his firm belief that it is for others to decide his legacy… There is relaxed banter with the film crew, funny off-camera exchanges , but there are also serious and at times some very poignant and reflective moments. And all this at the place he called home-which is now his final resting place. This is the real Duke, in his own words, a unique and enduring portrait which reveals the side of a man rarely seen.

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