Birth of King Baudouin of Belgium, 1930

Crown Prince Leopold and Crown Princess Astrid of Belgium (wearing her Emerald Pendant) are joined by Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland (grandfather) and Princess Ingeborg of Sweden (grandmother), Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark (aunt) , and Crown Princess Martha of Norway (aunt) celebrate the birth of the future King Baudouin of Belgium at the Royal Castle of Laeken on this day in 1930, exactly 90 years ago.

One thought on “Birth of King Baudouin of Belgium, 1930

  1. My father and King Baudouin shared a birthday, my father being his senior by 16 years. However, King Baudouin predeceased my father by six years. The King was only sixty three. He was a righteous man whose funeral was attended by Queen Elizabeth II, something which I have always found amazing. She never attends foreign monarch’s funerals, so attending this one was quite unprecedented. In fact I don’t recall that she has attended any other before or since!

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