Anglo-Dutch Society Dinner in London, 1968

Crown Princess Beatrix (wearing the Dutch Sapphire Tiara and the Royal Victorian Order) and Prince Claus (in the Order of the Netherlands Lion) of The Netherlands attend the Anglo-Dutch Society Dinner at the Savoy Hotel in London on this day in 1968. The Anglo-Dutch Society was founded in 1920, and Princess Beatrix was supposed to attend a Centenary Reception at Kensington Palace in March, which got cancelled due to the Pandemic.


2 thoughts on “Anglo-Dutch Society Dinner in London, 1968

  1. Wow! The Crown Princess Beatrix that she was at that time brought one of the big guns in the Dutch royal arsenal, Queen Emma’s Melleiro Sapphire tiara. She’s also wearing the huge devant de corsage to fasten her sash. She looks every inch a future queen. And her husband Prince Claus looks quite dashing in his white tie. It’s a pity that they had to cancel the centenary celebration. It would have been very cool to see Princess Beatrix attend.

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    1. I’ve had this picture in my files for years now, and was overjoyed to find the occasion a few weeks ago! It’s such a magnificent look on Princess Beatrix!


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