Duke and Duchess of Kent at Empire Ball, 1935

The Duke (in the Order of the Garter) and Duchess of Kent (wearing Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau) preside over the Empire Ball at Grosvenor House in London on this day in 1935, which was part of the ongoing celebrations to mark King George V’s Silver Jubilee and one of their first appearences after their honeymoon.


4 thoughts on “Duke and Duchess of Kent at Empire Ball, 1935

  1. The Duchess of Kent looks so happy here! She and the Duke are in the company of Lady Greville, the very same lady who left her treasure of jewels to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Lady Greville is probably wearing an emerald necklace as a belt in that picture! Amazing!

    1. That’s actually her sister-in-law, Olive, Baroness Greville and the famous ‘Mrs’ Greville was actually Dame Margaret Greville!

      1. Wow! So there were to Lady Grevilles! Do you know if they were related?

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