Duchess of Kent’s Pearl Earrings

Happy Birthday to the Duchess of Kent, who turns 87 today! One of the longest-working members of the Royal Family, who has been largely retired for the past two decades, the Duchess once had access to an illustrious jewellery collection, which we have featured previously, and much of which has been modified or sold. To mark the day, we are taking a look at another Royal Heirloom worn by the Duchess.

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Featuring large round pearls in a classic diamond frame, the Pearl Earrings were probably given as wedding gift to Princess Marina of Greece when she married Prince George, Duke of Kent in 1934. The new Duchess of Kent started wearing the earrings almost immediately after her wedding, and were one of her most worn jewels, not only seen at daytime events but also at some evening gala occasions.

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After Princess Marina’s death in 1968, her Pearl Earrings were inherited by her elder son, and worn soon after by the current Duchess of Kent, who wore them sparsely during the 1970s and 1980s, mostly for evening events, around which time they disappeared from public view. The Earrings may have been sold around that time as the Duke and Duchess were in financial difficulties and sold another one of Princess Marina’s Earrings in that period. However, it’s also quite likely, since the Duchess has been in retirement for almost 20 years, that the earrings remain with the Duke and Duchess but are just not worn.


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