Italian Royal Family at the Vatican, 1929

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King Vittorio Emanuele III and Queen Elena of Italy (wearing the Savoy Pearl and Diamond Tiara ) are received in an audience by Pope Pius XI at the Vatican on this day in 1929, marking the end of a 60-year feud between the Vatican and the Kingdom of Italy, ratified by the Lateran Treaty which recognized Vatican City as an independent state under the sovereignty of the Holy See. This was the first time members of the Savoy Royal Family had visited the Vatican since the reunification of Italy in 1871.

In the following days, other members of the Royal Family, most notably Crown Prince Umberto, Princess Giovanna and Princess Maria, the Duke and Duchess of Aosta (wearing the Savoy-Aosta Bandeau Tiara), the Duke of Bergamo, Duke and Duchess of Ancona, Prince of Udine, Duke and Duchess of Genoa and the Duke and Duchess of Pistoia were also received by the Pope at the Vatican.


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