Drawing Room at St James’ Palace, 1867

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse (wearing the Hesse Strawberry Leaf Tiara) is joined by the Prince of Wales (in the Order of the Garter), Grand Duke Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt, and Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught as she represents Queen Victoria at a ‘Drawing Room’ at St James’ Palace in London on this day in 1867. The presentation of débutantes to the Sovereign at the ‘Drawing Room’ marked the start of the annual British social season, originating from the 18th century, until the practice was abolished by the current Queen in 1958.


2 thoughts on “Drawing Room at St James’ Palace, 1867

  1. How splendid they look on this occasion! That year was a happy one for everyone in the photo, including Princess Alice. She’s wearing the very unlucky Hesse Strawberry Leaf tiara. It’s just as well that it’s not being worn any more.

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  2. This is Princess Alice and Grand Duke Louis’ wedding photo. It has nothing to do with Queen Victoria’s Drawing Room.


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