Funeral of Prince Bertil of Sweden, 1997

The Funeral of Prince Bertil of Sweden in the Royal Chapel of the Royal Palace of Stockholm on this day in 1997. Royal guests and relatives in attendance included Princess Lilian (his widow), King Carl Gustaf (nephew) and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Ingrid of Denmark (sister), Queen Margrethe (niece) and Prince Henrik of Denmark, King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes (niece), King Harald of Norway, Queen Paola of Belgium, the Duke of Edinburgh (step-cousin), Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Luxembourg, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, Princess Cristina of Spain, Princess Benedikte of Denmark (niece), Princess Ragnhild and Princess Astrid of Norway, Count Sigvard Bernadotte of Wisborg and Count Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg (brothers), Princess Christina, Princess Margaretha, Princess Birgitta, and Princess Desiree of Sweden (nieces) among a host of European Royals and Nobles.


7 thoughts on “Funeral of Prince Bertil of Sweden, 1997

  1. The esteem in which Prince Bertil was held by the Swedish Royal Family and others is evident in these photos. The image of Princess Lilian between the King and Queen speaks volumes of the love and respect they had for her.

  2. Prince Bertil was a true prince, in name as well as in action. He sacrificed having children out of his duty to king and country. When he was finally able to marry the love of his life, his brothers complained that he was able to keep his title and that his wife was going to be a princes whereas they had to give up their royal status. I think he more than earned the privilege.

  3. When Princess Lilian died, the Royal Family accorded her the same love and respect. Princess Madeleine gave her daughter Leonore the name Lilian in honour of her beloved Great Aunt. Both Bertil and Lilian epitomized elegance, love and duty.

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