Emperor Akihito’s Birthday Audiences

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Tomorrow, the Japanese Imperial Family will attend the last Birthday Audience (Tennō Tanjōbi) of the Reign of Emperor Akihito of Japan, ahead of his Abdication next April, and thus we have compiled some images of Emperor Akihito’s Birthday Audiences in the last three decades of his reign. The Emperor’s Birthday is a national holiday in the Japan, and the Imperial Family appear on the Balcony of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd, followed by a Reception with dignitaries and an official luncheon. Since the Emperor will Abdicate next year, the next Birthday Audience will be on the 23rd of February in 2020, to mark the 60th Birthday of then Emperor Naruhito.


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  1. Looking at all the pictures, I couldn’t help but notice that Empress Michiko almost always wears a specific brooch pinned to her dress. I have no idea if you know which one it is or who gave it to her because the Japanese Imperial family is so secretive. It is a rather large pin and quite pretty. I’m so glad Emperor Akihito got his way and is able to retire. He and the Empress have certainly earned the right to some years of freedom!

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