Queen Silvia and the World Childhood Foundation

Queen Silvia of Sweden will be celebrating her 75th Birthday on the 23rd, and we are taking a look at the Queen’s highlights, the most important of which is the World Childhood Foundation. Founded by Queen Silvia in 1999 to safeguard the right of the child to a safe and loving childhood, and to work in particular to improve the living conditions for children at risk of becoming victims of violence or sexual abuse, a subject she has been working on for decades. More than 1,000 projects have received support from Childhood, and thousands of children have experienced a safer childhood, free from sexual abuse and violence. In the videos above and below, listen to Queen Silvia and Princess Madeleine talk about their work and the importance of the World Childhood Foundation.

Children who are the victims of abuse are deprived of the right to their childhood and each childhood lost is an irreplaceable loss to us.”


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