Queen Sofia’s Wedding Necklace

Queen Sofia of Spain is celebrating her 80th Birthday this week, and to mark her milestone birthday, we are taking a look at 8 pieces from the jewellery collection of the Greek Princess who became the first consort of the restored monarchy of modern Spain, featuring her Diamond Wedding Necklace today!

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A reported wedding gift around the time of her wedding to Prince Juan Carlos of Spain in 1962, this diamond necklace with a small ‘V’ was worn with a cross pendant by the then Princess Sofia of Greece on her wedding day.

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Since her wedding, and King Juan Carlos’ Accession in 1975, Queen Sofia has continued to wear her Diamond Wedding Necklace, most frequently with a delicate diamond drop pendant, including the Christening of Princess Alexia of Greece in 1965 and the Spanish State Banquet at the Élysée Palace in 1978, as well as State Banquets in more recent years.

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Queen Sofia has also loaned her Diamond Wedding Necklace to her daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia, who wore it at a Gala Dinner for the opening of the El Prado museum extension in 2007. It has not yet been worn again by Queen Letizia, but as the delicate style suits her aesthetic, there is no doubt it will soon make a reappearance.


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