Dinner on the Royal Yacht Britannia, 1982

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The Queen (wearing the Vladimir Tiara) and Duke of Edinburgh (not even wearing a coat) pose with Governor General Sir Tore Lokoloko, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, and their families ahead of a Dinner on board the Royal Yacht Britannia docked in Papua New Guinea on this day in 1982.

One thought on “Dinner on the Royal Yacht Britannia, 1982

  1. Everybody looked very happy, but there was definitely no consensus regarding dress code! The Queen is very formal- long gown, white gloves, and tiara. Her guests, however, are doing whatever they like. One of the ladies is wearing a long gown while the other one is not. Both gentlemen are wearing ties, but one is not wearing a coat and the other, who is wearing a coat, is wearing what appears to be Bermuda shorts (it might be a native skirt, though, like the Scottish kilt?). The co-host, Prince Philip, isn’t wearing a coat nor a tie. Lots of shenanigans at sea, it seems! No wonder Queen Elizabeth II cried when they decommissioned the Britannia. I’ll bet she really enjoyed life on board.

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