Danish State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, 1947

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King Gustav of Sweden (wearing the Order of the Elephant) hosted a glittering State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on this day in 1947, in honour of the State Visit of his grandson-in-law, King Frederik IX (in the Order of the Seraphim) and granddaughter, Queen Ingrid (wearing the Pearl Poiré Tiara, the Order of the ElephantKing Frederik’s Royal Family Order, and King Gustaf’s Portrait Brooch), of Denmark. Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf (in the Order of the Elephant), Crown Princess Louise (wearing the Braganza Tiara and the Napoleonic Amethyst Parure), Princess Sibylla (in the Connaught Diamond Tiara), Prince Bertil (wearing the Order of the Elephant), Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland (in the Order of the Elephant), and Princess Ingeborg (wearing her Boucheron Pearl Tiara) were also in attendance.


4 thoughts on “Danish State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, 1947

  1. Wow! What a fantastic array of fabulous jewels! You know, I’ve always felt kind of sorry for Princess Sibylla. She tragically lost her husband at a very young age and she had five children to raise by herself. Then she never got to be queen nor did she get to see her son crowned king. She also died relatively young at 64.

      1. Yes it was. Her father unfortunately threw his lot in with Germany during both wars making grave errors of judgement along the way. He suffered greatly for it. He was accused of war crimes, or at least of having knowledge of the Nazi “ultimate solution”. I’ve read that he was saved from the gallows by his age and the fact that his very young grandson Carl Gustaf would be king one day- to save the Swedish the embarrassment. That’s not a very good legacy to leave his descendants, especially from one whose family had been so distinguished.

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