Princess Charlotte’s Cartier Sapphire Suite

Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois, the mother of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and grandmother of Prince Albert II, who was the Hereditary Princess and Heiress Presumptive of Monaco for over two decades, but never succeeded to the Principality. To mark the day, we are taking a look at her Cartier Sapphire Suite, now worn by her granddaughter, another Heiress Presumptive who will also not succeed to the Principality.

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Princess Charlotte commissioned this diamond choker set with large cabochon sapphire, and accompanied with sapphire and diamond earrings from Cartier in the late 1940s or the 1950s. She notably wore the piece at the wedding of her only son, Prince Rainer, to American Actress Grace Kelly in 1956.

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After Princess Charlotte’s death in 1977, the Cartier Sapphire Suite, along with the Cartier Pearl Drop Tiara, was inherited by her elder granddaughter, Princess Caroline, who first wore the set at 1979 Monaco Red Cross Ball, and has worn the Parure occasionally in the years since, most notably at the Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. There is no doubt we will continue to see it worn by Princess Caroline, or even her daughter and daughters-in-law, for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte’s Cartier Sapphire Suite

  1. I love this sapphire necklace! It reminds me of another beautiful sapphire necklace, one owned by Queen Margrethe. I guess it’s because they’re cabochon stones? One thing, though, I think it was rather mean of Princess Charlotte to so completely ignore Princess Grace and not leave her any of her jewels, including this necklace. She didn’t lend Grace any during her lifetime either! I read somewhere that she thought Grace was “unworthy” because she had been an actress. This opinion is coming from the illegitimate daughter of a cabaret singer who was adopted by her natural father the Prince of Monaco so that she could inherit. It worked out fine for her, so why should she be so prejudiced is beyond me!

  2. misery love company BlueSaphire70 I read somewhere once she learned that her husband get along and like Grace Kelly that was her reason not to like grace herself. As for leaving her jewels to princess Caroline its only fair and she’s within her rights as they are her personal property not some family crown jewels that must be pass to the sovereign. I’m surprise Charlene have never wear the Cartier pearl or the fringe tiara or any of Grace famous jewels. We shouldn’t be surprise if princess Caroline leave them to her children instead of Prince Albert.

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