Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean 2018

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Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco were joined by a plethora of celebrities as they hosted the 2nd annual Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean 2018 in Monte-Carlo on September 26th. Hosted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, a major fundraising event in the heart of Monte Carlo, supports its worldwide initiatives in favour of a sustainable ocean, a crucial issue calling for immediate and collective action.

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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Castro, and his nephews, Andrea and Tatiana Casiraghi, and Pierre and Beatrice Casiraghi.


4 thoughts on “Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean 2018

  1. Oh, my! Princess Charlene looks amazing in that gorgeous blue gown! Of course, the gown’s neck and shoulder embroidery make it an impossibility, but this event would have been perfect for her to wear her delicate “ocean” sapphire and diamond tiara as a necklace. A simple bateau top and the tiara would have been magnificent! Not that she didn’t look great, because she did. I was a bit disappointed in Beatrice Casiraghi’s gown. She’s usually the best dressed anywhere, but not that night. There’s something wrong with the bottom part of her dress. And I wonder if her sister-in-law Tatiana is pregnant again! If she is, her gown is perfect. If she isn’t…..well, I don’t know about her choice. 🙂

    1. You know, I thought exactly the same thing! It would look quite nice with the Tiara itself too! I’m not sure about Tatiana, but I agree with you about Beatrice’s dress!

      1. At least she isn’t dressed like a bumblebee! The lady in black and yellow, what was she thinking?
        I would like to see all of Beatrice’s dress without the wrap, it looks like a fun flapper dress.

    2. Beatrice is one of the best dressed women in the world, and she is so down to earth about it! She even told a magazine that she borrows many of her evening dresses and that her “uniform” is skinny jeans , a t-shirt, and sneakers/trainers. I love this and it makes me think of the lady who is her Grandmother in law – the late Princess Grace . Grace was packing her bags to leave the States and marry Prince Rainier, and her Mum asked “You are going to be a princess! Why are you packing jeans and tatty old clothes?” Grace simply answered “I love to garden, these are gardening clothes”
      I might not believe Beatrice if I didn’t remember what Grace really thought about fashion. The two beautiful ladies have a lot in common!
      Oh I went off track! I am confused about Beatrice ‘s dress here. When i first saw it I assumed she had been pregnant. Now I have no idea, but at least she is never boring! Tatiana looks like she is wearing a night-dress. The kind one wears to sleep.
      Tiaras are only worn in specific events and times. This event was not one.

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